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With an active student body and an abundance of Florida sunshine, recreation is a big part of life on campus. We offer more than 60 intramural and club sports, personal training, a midnight fun run, two lakes, and one of the best fitness facilities in the country. So no matter your interest or skill level, there’s always a great way to get involved with other Gators.

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With a variety of sports available, Gators are competing to make each other better inside the classroom and out. You can join the racquetball team with your roommate. Challenge a friend to a cornhole tournament. Sign up for sand volleyball or test your agility with some serious dodge ball. All skill levels are welcome and there is no fee to participate. All you need is your Gator 1 Card.

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A 140,000-sq.-ft., two-story fitness facility, the Southwest Recreation Center (SWRC) is full of Gators pursuing greater. You can kick it up in the functional fitness area with kettlebells. Or kick back in the social lounge with seating areas, flat screen TV's, Wi-Fi and a smoothie bar.

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Centrally located on the University of Florida campus, the Student Recreation & Fitness Center (SRFC) is more than 37,000 sq. ft. including a multipurpose gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and martial arts. It has a strength and conditioning room, group fitness classes, a cycle studio, and racquetball and squash courts.

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SWRC has 6 indoor basketball courts and 6 racquetball courts.


The split-level cardio room is 15,000-sq.-ft. with personal viewing screens.


SWRC has two massage therapy rooms and three activity rooms.


Even with schedules packed with breakthroughs and breaking records, Gators are always finding time to take it easy together. Lake Wauburg North Park and South Shore offer UF students, faculty and staff a great place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. You can go for a swim or a bike ride. Get a game of volleyball going or try and tackle the climbing wall. Admission and activities are free with your Gator 1 Card. Plus, you can bring up to four guests, so feel free to bring a friend or three. 

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Leisure Courses are available to University of Florida students and the surrounding communities as an opportunity to enrich personal growth and develop new talents. Courses are non-credit and teach fundamental skills in a small group setting. Available courses range from ceramics, golf, tennis, ballet and horsemanship to hula.

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UF's TRiP program has been bringing Gators together for nearly two decades. Featuring backpacking, canoeing, tubing, rock climbing and surfing trips, you owe yourself the opportunity to grow and contemplate through an outdoor experience or adventure.

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From swimming laps to water recreation, UF’s four on-campus pools are an important recreational staple to living the Florida lifestyle.

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Located on the ground Level of the Reitz Union, the Game Room is a place to unwind, meet friends and have a good time. The Game Room offers 14 bowling lanes (including black light bowling), board games, 10 pocket billiard tables, 1 Snooker table, 2 Foosball tables and 2 table tennis tables.

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Sport Clubs are student-run organizations perfect for playing your favorite sport or learning a new one, because Gators are always looking for the next challenge. Try your hand at some underwater hockey. Maybe you’d like to try synchronized swimming with a friend. Take someone down in table tennis or learn Taekwondo. Or both. With over 40 clubs to choose from, there’s a sport club for you to grow with other Gators.

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